About Us

           Lakshadweep is a group of islands lying scattered in the Arabian Sea. Its location is between 8 degree and 12 degree 30 minutes North latitude and between 71 degree and 74 degree at a distance ranging from 200 kms (111Nm) to 400 kms(222Nm) from the couth west coast of Indian Peninsula. All islands are surrounded by lagoons which are fenced by coral reefs all around. These reefs provide a natural shelter from rough seas, besides adding beauty to the islands. The total geographic area of Lakshadweep is 32 sq.kms. There are ten inhabited islands and the largest island Andrott is 4.84 sq.kms. The smallest inhabited island Bitra has an area of 0.10 sq.km. The total population of Lakshadweep as per 2011 census is 64,429.
          The islands do not have any scope for large scale agriculture and industrial development. Therefore, the people have to depend fully to the mainland for each and every requirement for their existence.
          Being away and isolated, these remote islands in the past had been connected to the mainland with the indigenous sailing vessels built by the islanders themselves. It took months for these vessels to reach the mainland. With the increase in the population and their propensity to travel between islands as well as mainland the traditional vessels became incapable of meeting the increased demands. After the territory becoming directly under the Central government in the year 1956 the administrative machinery have been striving to enhance the facilities of travel and transportation of Cargo to these islands. It was in 1980 a full-fledged department of Port was established under the Administration of the Union Territory.
         Now the department is renamed as Department of Port, Shipping & Aviation with its Directorate at Kavaratti. The Administrator of the Lakshadweep is the apex authority. Below him is the Secretary (PSA). The day to day affairs of the Department are looked after by the Director (PSA) as the Head of the Department having the directorate at Kavaratti and an office headed by Deputy Director(S&T) at Kochi and Port Units at all islands including Beypore. There are 7 passenger ships, 8 high speed crafts, 4 General Cargo Barges, two Oil Barges and two Bollard Tugs. M.V.Coral and M.V.Lagoons , built at Colombo Dockyard Limited, Sri Lanka was inducted into fleet in 2013 and 2014 respectively.
         Air Service between the islands and mainland is carried out by Indian Airlines. Indian Airlines operate flights between Kochi and Agatti Island on 6 days in a week except Sundays. Two Dauphin N Helicopters of Pawan Hans Limited plies between the islands and to the mainland to cater to the medical and other emergency only.